Hit Girl 3/5

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Hit Girl 3/5

Message  Mr Terrific le Mer 13 Juin - 10:52

Sketch Variant by JOHN ROMITA JR. & TOM PALMER
Variant Cover by JOCK
So many goons, so little time. Hit-Girl’s got both hands full when her sidekick Kick-Ass gets benched, leaving her to take the mafia on solo. But when her secret crime-fighting binge brings heat to the wrong guy, even Hit-Girl may be in over her head. Meanwhile, Red Mist gets sent where all rich kids go to do penance !
32 PGS./Mature …$2.99
Mr Terrific
Mr Terrific

Masculin Date d'inscription : 07/04/2009
Age : 43
Localisation : Malakoff


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