Guardians of the Galaxy # 19 (cover + preview)

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Guardians of the Galaxy # 19 (cover + preview)

Message  Starhawk le Dim 25 Oct - 21:42

Guardians of the Galaxy #19
Written by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning
Pencilled by Wes Craig
Cover by Alex Garner

Will Kang Conquer the Guardians? Rocked by the aftershocks of War of Kings, Star-Lord’s team – now castaways across shattered timelines – are desperate to find a route home before all possible futures fuse into one dark nightmare! Guest-starring the original Guardians of the Galaxy (sort of) and the infamous time-traveling despot who may be their only hope! Yes, it’s more sci-fi shenanigans from the book that has raving, “Abnett and Lanning do an amazing job of delivering a quick-moving, jam-packed, high-octane, bombastic epic.”


Masculin Date d'inscription : 10/05/2009

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