Wolverine : Weapon-X # 4 (Cover)

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Wolverine : Weapon-X # 4 (Cover)

Message  Génome X le Lun 18 Mai - 6:44

Written by JASON AARON
Pencils & Cover by RON GARNEY
50/50 Cover by ADI GRANOV
70th Frame Variant by DAVID FINCH
The red-hot, sold-out "Adamantium Men" storyline continues! Wolverine is intent on bringing down the evil corporation Blackguard, one executive at a time if he has to, but when he finally comes face-to-face with the man at the top, he finds the soldiers of Strikeforce X waiting for him, laser-claws and all. Can you say SNIKT? Part 4 (of 5)
Génome X

Masculin Date d'inscription : 02/05/2009

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