Spider Man #17

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Spider Man #17

Message  Mugiwara le Mer 15 Juin - 9:13

Written by PAUL TOBIN
Penciled by MATTEO LOLI
Cover by ALE GARZA
THE GREEN GOBLIN IS BACK! And thanks to an ordering mix-up at the Terrible Tinkerer's machine shop, the Green Goblin is a thousand time more dangerous than ever with an ANTI-MATTER PUMPKIN BOMB! Now...unless Spider-Man can put an end to the Goblin's crime spree, every time the crazy villain reaches into his bag of tricks, he might throw a pitch that will be New York City's last! Then, Spidey tangles with the malevolent mistress of mayhem, Madam Masque!
32 PGS./All Ages …$2.99

Pas terrible, la couverture. Je sais bien que c'ets jors continuité, mais ce n'est pas une raison pour rester coincé 30 ans en arrière, pour le look des persos.


Masculin Date d'inscription : 05/04/2009
Age : 41

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