Spider Island: Love New York City #1

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Spider Island: Love New York City #1 Empty Spider Island: Love New York City #1

Message  Mugiwara le Mer 15 Juin - 7:09

Spider Island: Love New York City #1 Smiant10

Spider-Island: I LOVE NEW YORK CITY #1
Written by Greg Rucka, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Joe Caramagna, & Skottie Young
Art by Max Fiumara
Cover by Mike Del Mundo
Start Webbing the News! It’s a swinging tribute to New York City as the Big Apple is overwhelmed by the threat of Spider-Island! The citizens of the Big Apple nay have gained Spider-Powers, but that doesn’t mean they have any of the responsibility! See the summer’s biggest Spidey-Event through the eyes of folks just like you as they deal with the new found hero inside them all.
Plus award-winning writer Greg Rucka presents a very violent look at how the Punisher deals with a world where every criminal is now a super hero. (Here’s a hint: he doesn’t deal with it pleasantly.)
32 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T+ …$2.99

Journal de Mugiwara, entrée 544. Je ne sais plus depuis combien de temps je poste des previews de Spider Island... Ma santé mentale commence à vaciller. Est-ce que ça s'arrêtera un jour?

Spider Island: Love New York City #1 XykSpider Island: Love New York City #1 Df4c230

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