X-23 # 2 (Cover)

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X-23 # 2 (Cover)

Message  Génome X le Lun 26 Juil - 23:22

X-23 #2

Written by MARJORIE LIU Penciled by WILL CONRAD Cover by DANNI SHINYA LUO Vampire Variant by MIKE MAYHEW

X-23 has never been a normal teenager, but with a demonic Wolverine on the loose, her dreams of becoming that normal teen seem less possible than ever.Ê When the images this imposter Wolverine has been filling her head with become real, who can she turn to? And where is the real Wolverine in all of this? Find out as the series you've been waiting for continues!
Génome X

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Re: X-23 # 2 (Cover)

Message  Mugiwara le Ven 15 Oct - 6:21


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